How the test works

Insight™ is a simple, at-home gut microbiome sampling kit with sophisticated insights.

Simple, quick, convenient

Collecting your gut bacteria sample couldn’t be easier. Just order your home-sampling kit online, take your sample and return it by express post.

  • Order your kit online

    With a few simple clicks, your kit will be sent straight to your door.

  • Microba Insights Program

    Take the sample

    Our toilet paper swab method is quick, easy and discreet.

  • Post it back

    Your kit includes a convenient pre-paid envelope.

What happens next

There’s more to Insight™ than sending off a sample and getting a report in return. We’ve designed a comprehensive process to help you get more out of your journey.

1. Reflect on your habits

Your lifestyle choices can influence the balance of your gut microbiome. The next step is to answer four short questionnaires related to your diet and exercise. The more we know, the smarter and more tailored your report insights will be.

2. Review your report

Here’s where you’ll discover what’s really going on in your gut. Uncover which bacteria are present and why, how you compare to others, and get tips on how to keep your gut bacteria in balance.

3. Talk to an expert

Included in the cost of your gut microbiome analysis, is a free consultation with a qualified health professional. An Insight™ Microbiome Coach can help you make sense of the science, offer practical advice and suggest next steps.

4. Track your progress

When you have established your baseline, you can monitor your gut microbiome for improvements with further testing. Compare your Insight™ reports in 3, 6 or 12 months and see how your gut is responding to the changes you make.

Insight™ provides you with the most comprehensive gut microbiome analysis and personalised report. To utilise our expert researchers and collate this high-level of information, it takes between 2-4 weeks to process and analyse a sample once we receive it in our lab. During this time, we will keep you up to date by sending emails along the way, including when we receive your sample in our lab and when your results are ready to view online. Additionally, once created, you can log into your account at any time in the Discovery Portal to view the progress of your sample.

If you are interested in learning what your “normal” gut microbiome looks like, it is best to collect a sample at a time when you have maintained your regular daily habits and diet for at least two weeks prior to sampling. This is because changes to your normal habits such as overseas travel, short-term use of supplements, changes to exercise habits and eating new foods can impact your gut microbiome. It is also important to try and collect a sample from a bowel movement that is typical for you.

After you’ve received access to your detailed online report, you have the opportunity to book a coaching session with a Microbiome Coach – all qualified health professionals. The complimentary consultation is done via phone and provides you with 15 minutes to review your report. You are able to ask questions you may have about your report and discuss appropriate next steps for you to take. Your coach will assist in the interpretation of the results and will highlight beneficial dietary changes that may improve your microbial diversity and the functional potential of your bacteria.

You can work with a Microba Informed Practitioner, however the test can only be ordered online by the individual who is taking it. If you are working with a Microba Informed Practitioner, they can provide you with a referral code to add during the purchase or afterwards within the “My Kits” section of your online account so that your report is sent to them automatically. Your report can also be downloaded and printed if you wish to take a copy to any other health practitioner.

Connect with healthcare

Our network of qualified healthcare professionals is specially trained to interpret your Insight™ report. They can provide guidance, advise of improvements, review your plan, and make adjustments as needed.

Connect with healthcare