Your microbiome report

Introducing your interactive Insight™ report - the first step on your path to wellness.

A report unique to you

Just like your gut microbiome, your report is unique.
It’s filled with personalised, science-based insights and practical recommendations you can action yourself. Insight™ makes understanding your gut microbiome and how it may be influencing your health easier.

What do we detect?

Explore the many different bacteria, archaea, fungi and parasites present in your gut microbiome.

With the ability to detect over 28,000 species and how they may be contributing to your overall health, you will get a clear and accurate picture of the current state of your gut microbiome.

Our analysis method

Identify overgrowths

Various lifestyle factors can affect which microorganisms flourish in your gut microbiome. Identify which microbes are thriving and if your sample has any overgrowths or overly-high abundance of any single organism.

Spot your top performers

Review the species that are present in high amounts through your top 5 most abundant species list. Find out who is thriving and if they may be contributing to good gut health.

Measure the diversity of your microbes

The diversity of microorganisms in your gut is an important insight into your gut health. Discover whether your diversity level  is low, average, or high through the standard measurement of both the different types of species in your gut and how evenly they are spread out. Evaluate your microbial diversity over time and assess any changes through regular testing.

Understand the influence on your health

Gauge how your microbiome may be influencing various health systems by reviewing its potential to produce and break down key microbial substances, known as microbial metabolites. While some of these substances are associated with good health, others have associated with poor health.

Easily interpret the information

To help you better understand important health functions and compare your evolving gut potential over time, your key insights show “good” and “not so good” levels within your microbiome.

See how you compare

Follow how your report insights compare to others in our healthy comparison group and measure the evolution of your gut microbiome over time by reviewing your multiple reports side-by-side.

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Key features of each report

To support your understanding, navigation, and use of the information in your report, we have included some helpful features.


Your personal shopping list

Receive tailored dietary advice based on your report insights and learn which foods are recommended for you and why. Create an even more personalised shopping list by using the filter function to exclude certain food components, such as gluten, FODMAPS, and others. You can also a download a copy of your shopping list to take with you.


To optimise your report interpretation with a healthcare practitioner, your macro food groups, including fibre, carbohydrates, protein and fat, are calculated based on the information you provide in your questionnaires. This calculation shows how your diet compares to The Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Evidence rating

As the gut microbiome is an emerging area of research, there are different levels of scientific evidence available for each area of study. You can measure the quality of the information in your report based on our updated evidence rating system. Developed by Microba, this feature helps you understand the amount of scientific evidence there is to support each report association with human health. 

Printable Report

Your report is available both online and in print format. Download a PDF or CSV copy of your report and print it for referencing later or to take with you to your next healthcare consultation.

The Insight™ report allows you to learn about your unique gut microbiome in high-resolution. You can use the report to:

  • Learn which microorganisms are in your gut and what they might be doing.
  • Learn which foods can be added to your diet to promote a healthy microbiome.
  • Monitor how your gut microbiome changes with lifestyle adjustments. For example, if you need to take antibiotics, you can monitor how quickly your microbiome recovers. Or, if you want to improve your gut microbiome by making changes to your diet and/or exercise habits, you can monitor your microbiome to see if the changes have worked.
  • Learn if the probiotics you are taking are present in your sample.
  • Identify overgrowths of a particular species within your microbiome. Please consult with a medical practitioner if you have any concerns.

It’s important to keep in mind that human microbiome analysis is an emerging field. New discoveries are made almost every week about how the different microorganisms in our body interact with us and with each other. As more information is gained, consensus about what different microbes are doing can change.

The information in your profile is meant for you to gain a better understanding of your personal microbiome and how it may change in response to lifestyle choices. It is not a diagnostic tool and cannot be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

The Insight™ report is intended to be used for informational purposes only. The results of your gut microbiome analysis are not intended to be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  The Insight report will provide you with a detailed overview of which microorganisms are present in your gut, what they might be doing, and they may influence your overall health.

Most other microbiome profiling companies use 16S rRNA gene sequencing. This method only sequences a small portion of a single gene to identify known bacterial groups and leaves out the rest of your microbiome. The results are often biased and not reproducible between different labs. Functional information, including what your various gut bacteria do, is limited to known bacteria, which misses a large portion of your overall microbiome.

Insight™ gut microbiome analysis is powered by Microba’s proprietary analysis platform. This powerful platform uses metagenomics to provide you with a high-resolution picture of your gut microbiome. Metagenomics (also known as shotgun metagenomics) is the most reproducible and comprehensive DNA sequencing method, where all the genes from the microorganisms in your sample are sequenced. This method allows you to see not just bacteria, but also fungi, protists, and archaea, as well as identify microorganisms at the species level and reveal what your microbes are capable of.

How the test works

Insight™ is a simple, at-home gut microbiome sampling kit and comprehensive report. From ordering your kit online to receiving your report, the process is easy to follow with updates, support and guidance along the way.

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