Connecting you with healthcare

Understand your Insight™ report with the help of a qualified health professional.

Your partners in health

Speak to a healthcare professional using our Microbiome Coach service and find other qualified healthcare professionals who can assist you on your Insight™ journey.

  • Establish a baseline

    Explore practical diet and lifestyle changes you can implement straight away.

  • Measurable improvements

    Make a plan to target areas for improvement that you can monitor over time.

  • Connect to healthcare

    Find out if you might benefit from talking to a healthcare practitioner

After you’ve received access to your detailed online report, you have the opportunity to book a coaching session with an Insight™ Microbiome Coach, all of which are qualified health professionals. This complimentary phone consultation provides you with 15 minutes to review your report. You are able to ask questions you may have about your report and discuss appropriate next steps. Your Microbiome Coach will assist in the interpretation of your results and will highlight beneficial dietary changes that may improve your microbial diversity and the functional potential of your bacteria.

Our Microbiome Coach consults are currently capped at 15 minutes. If more than 15 minutes is required, your coach may suggest you connect with a Microba Informed Practitioner to receive more detailed assistance for your own personal health journey.

If you are working with one of our Microba Informed Practitioners, it is encouraged that you discuss any additional questions with your practitioner. If you are not working with a practitioner, and are unsure of where to direct your questions, please call 1300 974 621 and we can direct you to the most appropriate health professional to assist with your inquiry.

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Healthcare network

Our network of qualified healthcare professionals is specially trained to interpret your Insight™ report. They can provide guidance, advise of improvements, review your plan, and make adjustments as needed.

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