Sharing the future of gut health at Regional Flavours Food & Wine Festival


The Microba team spoke all things gut health, diet and gut health testing with Brisbane locals at Australia’s largest free food and wine festival, Regional Flavours from 20-21 July. Crowds flooded Southbank to sample foods from various Queensland regions, listen to celebrity chefs on the main stage and hear from innovators in the Future Food area.

Microba’s exhibition stand received hundreds of visitors over the weekend, eager to hear more about how they can have their gut tested and how the home testing kit works. Microba Microbiome Coach and Nutritionist, Christine Stewart, said it was good to see many visitors who were interested in the science and enthusiastic about the work Microba does.

“There were people speaking with us who had never heard of the gut microbiome, and it was great to be able to explain the importance of gut health to them in conjunction with their overall health,” she said.

Microba took to the stage on both days, with Microba Microbiome Coach and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Bianca Maree Harrington speaking on Saturday during the ‘Functional Food for Future Health’ session, sharing the best foods for a happy gut and those that can cause inflammation and poor digestion.

“Getting the balance right with what we eat is key to a healthy gut,” she said.

“We know that our fibre digesting bacteria are linked to good health. Eating a diet rich in high-fibre foods, such as wholegrains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses and legumes are key to a healthy microbiome.”

Microba Clinical Application Specialist and Clinical Nutritionist, Hayley Parcell presented on the Sunday, during the ‘Smart Food, Future Flavours’ session, discussing what the Microba InsightTM test can reveal.

“We believe the future of food isn’t just about macronutrients, fibre, vitamins and minerals, but also learning to eat right for your unique microbiome and providing your gut bugs with the right fuel to keep them healthy, thereby keeping you well,” she said.

Feedback from the event was positive, with several visitors not wanting to delay their Microba Insight™ journey as they took home the testing kit on the day. Events such as Regional Flavours allows Microba to meet with locals to share the importance of gut health and show how science can help them make a difference through lifestyle changes, enabling Microba to fulfil their vision of ‘bringing science to life’.