Making healthier choices: Microba installs first kombucha tap for staff

Friday 9 August 2019

Brisbane-based gut microbiome testing specialists Microba have become the first corporate office in the country to install a kombucha tap for staff, with Buchi arriving last week as a healthy beverage choice for Microba’s corporate team.

As advocates for good health starting in the gut microbiome, Microba has partnered with Brisbane-based Buchi Kombucha to empower staff to make healthier choices throughout the workday.

Buchi is a Brisbane-based company that are about community, education, quality and authenticity. Their brand is well known across Australia and a preferred beverage for the well-versed fermented consumers. Buchi has been fermenting for eight years and are passionate about living cultures.

Microba CEO Blake Wills said that supplying an alternative to sugar-filled soft drinks was another step toward living out the company’s vision of improving lives through the gut microbiome.

“At Microba, we are working every day to create a community of greater health with leading scientific research, analysis of the gut microbiome and dietary guidance to Australians wanting to better their gut health,” he said.

“Change starts in your backyard – or in this case, our home office – and we are pleased to be able to offer staff healthy choices through the Buchi Kombucha tap, fresh fruit and herbal teas throughout the day.”

Buchi owner Jason Callender said it was a great move for Buchi to supply kombucha to the Brisbane-based gut health specialists.

They currently have 35 kombucha on tap stations in South-East QLD and this being the first installation in a corporate office is a great turning point. He said that he wished to see more corporate businesses to follow suit.

Microba not only supports a healthy gut for a healthier body, but also supports other local Brisbane businesses such as Buchi.

“We look forward to helping our staff live healthier lives so we – in turn – can help Australians live their healthiest lives,” Mr Wills said.