What is a Microbiome Coach Session and how can it help you?

Author: Rebecca Morehouse and Bianca Maree Harrington

01 July 2019 Education News Nutrition

They say "knowledge is power", but comprehensive health insights can be overwhelming.

So what do you do with all that information? At Microba, we’ve developed a Microbiome Coach service to help further support you as part of your Insight journey.

This one-on-one consultation is a 15-minute phone call with a qualified health professional and is available to everyone with an Insight™ home-testing kit and digital report. It is your opportunity to review your report alongside their expertise, so that you get a deeper appreciation of your unique gut microbiome.

The aim of the Microbiome Coach Session is not only to better assist in your comprehension of your report, but more importantly, arm you with real, tangible and actionable insights which will guide you in your next steps.

Start your Insight™ journey and discover more about your gut microbiome with a comprehensive report + Microbiome Coach Session. Start your journey and book a consultation today.

How can a Microbiome Coach help you?

While your Microba Insight™ report identifies the unique profile of bacteria that are present in your gut and what their potential functions are, discussing your report with a Microbiome Coach can further clarify how these functions may actually be influencing your health. Your coach can:

Identify personal insights: For example, when reading your report, you may see that some of your key insights fall ‘outside of the average healthy range’. This doesn’t mean that you are ‘unhealthy’. What this does mean is that the potential measured in your microbiome is greater or lesser (different) to what is measured in the ‘Healthy Group’. Your Microbiome Coach can advise where you scored and how this may impact your health.

Educate you on appropriate dietary changes: The Microba Insight™ test provides you with a unique profile of your gut bacteria and measures the potential for your bacteria to influence your health. Where appropriate, your coach can assist in identifying dietary changes that may positively impact the potential of your gut bacteria.

Advise on when to re-test: Your microbiome can respond to dietary changes in as rapidly as three days. Maintaining dietary changes over an extended period of time is necessary to accurately assess changes to your microbiome. Therefore, your Coach can advise the best time for you to re-test, depending on what changes and next steps are right for you.

Direct you to additional healthcare support: If you require further assistance to implement the recommended changes or if you require additional medical care, including mental health support, your Microbiome Coach can assist by directing you to the appropriate professional, or the right Microba informed healthcare practitioner

So, how do you book your Session?

Booking your appointment is simple:

Complete all questionnaires prior to booking your coach appointment. This provides all necessary information to your Microbiome Coach so that they are fully prepared to give you personalised guidance through your report.

Select the Microbiome Coach ‘Book Now’ button, which will appear in your ‘Discovery Portal’ as soon as your report is ready to view. Simply follow the prompts to book an appointment for a day and time that suits you in your corresponding time zone. You will also receive both confirmation and reminder correspondence leading up to your consultation.

If you have any difficulties with booking online, or you prefer to do so over the phone, you can call 1300 974 621. It’s that easy!

Interested to gain deeper understanding of your gut microbiome with a Microbiome Coach Session? Book now.

What do you need to prepare?

Once you’ve scheduled your complimentary consultation, there are a few little things to consider:

Review your report prior to your appointment. This will assist in identifying questions you can ask your coach about your results. Some clients prefer to download the PDF version of the report prior to the call, which can also be sent through to your primary health care practitioner if necessary.

Have the report accessible during your consultation so that your coach can visually guide you through the report, step-by-step.

If possible, choose a quiet place to take the call, as this will help to both minimise background noise and ensure you don’t miss a thing!

What will be discussed?

The aim of your session is to make sure you leave the conversation with actionable recommendations and a clear plan. During the call your Microbiome Coach will:

Review the information in your report and what you have provided in the questionnaires to assist in the interpretation of your results.

Highlight beneficial dietary changes that may improve your microbial diversity and the functional potential of your bacteria.

Answer questions you may have about your report and discuss appropriate next steps.

Better understand your gut and receive personalised guidance with a Microba Insight™ home testing kit + Microbiome Coach Session. Start your journey today.

This microbiome test is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions. A full disclaimer is available here