Is your gut contributing to your health condition?

Author: Dr Ken McGrath

23 April 2020 Education Health Conditions
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Why you should work with your healthcare professional to explore your gut microbiome and how it influences your health.

Your gut microbiome is unique and so are you. Researchers are finding new connections between the organisms living in your gut and your overall health. Now is an ideal time to take a deeper look at the bacteria living inside you and focus on your health. You can even get support from a healthcare professional about what you can do to improve your health, based on your results!

What does your poo say about you? 

With advancements in technology and computing power over the last decade, Microba’s founders from The University of Queensland were able to use 20 years of research to develop a world-leading gut microbiome analysis kit. Their goal? To make cutting-edge, comprehensive gut microbiome analysis available to everyone,

Your gut microbiome is the community of bacteria living inside your large intestine. Modern testing lets you look at these microorganisms in a stool sample. Through a gut microbiome analysis such as Microba’s, your healthcare professional and you can access information about:

Your microbial diversity level – the number of different species living inside you and how evenly spread they are, indicating a balanced microbiome.

The potential of your microbiome to breakdown nutrients such as fibre and protein.

A comprehensive list of all species present in your sample, which can assist in informing dietary and lifestyle changes to increase bacteria associated with good health outcomes.

Your potential to produce substances linked to good health including vitamins like folate and Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs), which can protect you from poor health.

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Which gut test is best?  

There are many different kinds of stool tests, and each looks at different aspects of gut health. Examples include the national bowel cancer screening test (which detects blood in the stool) or tests that search for specific bacteria or parasites like pathogen screens, or microscopy. These use methods that give you a specific answer, but don’t look at the entire microbiome.

On the other hand, exploratory tests such as Microba’s – look at the entire community of organisms living in the gut microbiome and what their role is. This is done via DNA sequencing.

The best way to explore the gut microbiome is through metagenomic sequencing, as this method analyses all of the DNA from the microorganisms in a sample.

Through metagenomics, all of the genetic information present in a sample is sequenced. This provides the highest-resolution view of the gut microbiome. This is the method that Microba uses to produce the most comprehensive report available for consumers and healthcare professionals.


Why should you take the test?

There are many reasons you may wish to explore your gut microbiome, and with scientific knowledge of the gut microbiome rapidly increasing, now is a great time to understand more! The process is simple and the turnaround is about four weeks. But is it worth it?

A gut microbiome analysis can tell you several key pieces of information, from how diverse your bacteria are and whether you have an overgrowth of a species, to the abundance of species you have that can produce substances associated with health such as butyrate, which is important for a healthy gut. But how can this be useful to you in your unique health journey? Working with a healthcare professional who understands gut microbiome analysis can assist in:

Assessing the current state of the species present in your gut and their abundance.

Exploring more about whether your gut microbiome may be influencing your overall health.

Making improvements and dietary or lifestyle interventions to improve your gut health.

Monitoring your ongoing health to ensure you stay on track and achieve the goals set for you.

Where to from here?

When delving deeper into your health, it’s best to work with a knowledgeable and dedicated healthcare professional who can walk you through any health concerns and guide you further toward your future goals. You can connect with a healthcare professional who is trained in interpreting Microba’s reports by visiting our practitioner list.

Still not sure gut microbiome analysis is for you? You can read more information about our metagenomic sequencing method, or explore what a report can tell you. You can also contact our customer service team for more details at or read our FAQ’s to get answers to your questions.


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