Inside your Insight Report: What can your gut tell you?

Author: Bianca Maree Harrington

20 February 2020 Education News

Just like your gut microbiome, your report is unique - filled with personalised, science-based insights and practical recommendations you can action yourself.

Recently, Microba made a few key updates to the way the Microba Insight™ report displays and how it can be used. The result is some very exciting improvements, including easier to access information and the ability to compare multiple reports side-by-side.

The aim of microbiome analysis

Whether or not you’ve used a health monitoring system before, you no doubt understand how powerful comprehensive health insights can be. Our goal is to provide in-depth reporting to empower both patients and practitioners to assess, improve and monitor results – thereby reaching evidence-based decisions more quickly and moving forward with less guesswork.

Insight™ makes understanding your gut microbiome easier and gives a clearer picture of how your microbiome is influencing your overall health.

Assess your baseline

Establish a detailed snapshot of your microbiome’s baseline so you can better understand the current state of your gut with guidance from your healthcare professional.

Improve target areas

Explore your personal and measurable key insights with practical dietary suggestions alongside your healthcare professional so you can make a plan and target areas for improvement.

Monitor your progress

Track your implemented changes and see progress over time with further microbiome analysis.

A look inside the report

Compare and track progress

The report comparison feature makes it easy to compare any two reports side-by-side and monitor the impact of evidence-based decisions over time. In the same view, you will be able to:

  • Compare your microbiome to a healthy control group
  • Evaluate your microbial diversity levels over time
  • Monitor your microbiome’s evolving potential to influence your health
  • Assess your microbiome’s capabilities and how they have changed
  • Review your most common species and how they have also changed.

Monitor your key insights

You can easily access important information central to gut health – located in the Key Insights section of the report. This information ensures you are better equipped to make practical changes to your lifestyle. You will be able to track your levels and see what has maintained good levels and what needs more attention, including your gut microbiome’s functional potential to:

  • Produce beneficial substances – such as butyrate
  • Negatively impact your gut through inflammation
  • Breakdown macro-nutrients – such as fibre and protein
  • Contribute to health conditions – such as cardiovascular disease
  • Contribute to protecting bodily functions – such as your nervous system and kidneys.

Monitor your microbiome’s potential

The overall focus of the report is to maintain or improve microbial function potential. In other words, Insight™ goes deeper than just identifying who your microbes are but also indicating what your microbes are capable of doing so that you can make choices to optimise their performance. You can personally take a deep dive into your microbiome’s potential to perform critical functions, such as digestion, protecting immunity, influencing inflammation and even contributing to flatulence odor!

Uncover your microbiome profile

You can be as informed about your microbial community as possible with a dedicated microbiome species table which provides a full profile of organisms found in your gut. This useful feature is available in the Dig Deeper into the Detail section of your report and provides information such as phylum, species, abundance level and range.

Control how you use and navigate your personalised reports

Plan for your appointments and be prepared for next steps with the ability to download your report containing key information about your microbial community, including the types of species and other classification data. This means that you decide how you save your data, how you access it and who to share it with. 

We’ll also keep you organised and in the know with live notifications every step of the way – from the point of dispatch and delivery of your kit, to when your online report becomes available.

Have questions?

As part of your Microba Insight™ journey, our team of dedicated Microbiome Coaches are available for appointment bookings to answer your questions, address your concerns, walk you through your report and assist with next steps, such as booking an appointment with a Microba informed health care professional.

Looking to make microbiome testing a regular part of your health journey? Find out more here.

This microbiome test is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions. A full disclaimer is available here