3 reasons to explore your gut microbiome with a health professional

Author: Dr Alena Pribyl

08 November 2019 Education

Your gut microbiome is unique and deserves the attention of a qualified health care practitioner.

Due to developments in medical technology and computing power over the past decade, gut microbiome analysis is easy, efficient, highly detailed, and far more accessible than ever before. Gut analyses can be ordered online and delivered into the privacy of your home. You can also access your report and have a call with a Microbiome Coach from your couch.

However, nothing replaces a knowledgeable and dedicated healthcare professional to walk you through any health concerns you may have and work with you on a treatment plan. So how can a healthcare practitioner work with your gut microbiome report? Some highlights are shared in this article.

Use your insights for informed conversations with health professionals

Once you’ve identified key areas of interest from your Insight™ report, you may wish to seek further support from a relevant healthcare provider who is familiar with the role of the gut microbiome in health. In partnership with the right health professional, a report outlining the balance of your gut microbiome and its potential to produce health-associated substances can be a valuable tool. This information can assist the informed healthcare professional in exploring how your gut microbiome may be contributing to your health.


Microba has a list of practitioners trained to interpret Insight™ reports. Access the list.

Keep your gut microbiome in balance

It’s important to make sure your gut microbiome has an even balance of species and doesn’t have a high potential to produce substances that can promote inflammation or are associated with disease states. If your gut microbiome starts to show an overgrowth of a single species or a high potential to produce substances associated with poor health (such as lipopolysaccharides or trimethylamine), you can evaluate changes to your diet and lifestyle and make tweaks to bring your gut microbiome back into the healthy range. This is easily done with a practitioner who is able to compare your reports and provide further insight into how you’re tracking.


Take positive steps to reinforce existing, ‘positive’ bacteria

With the information in a gut microbiome report, you can make informed decisions to promote a positive microbial balance in your gut. For example, if your gut microbiome shows a decreased potential to produce beneficial substances, such as short chain fatty acids, you can take steps recommended by your practitioner to change your diet or other lifestyle factors to promote the growth of beneficial species that produce short chain fatty acids.


Discover a list of foods that may fuel your beneficial bacteria with your Insight™ report.

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